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Musically Inclusive

We offer programs for people of all ages, abilities and disabilities.
Open to people of all cultures, religions
gender & sexual orientation.

Highly Qualified

Primary School Education and Psychology degrees with years of experience running a music school with people of all
ages, abilities & disabilities.

Safety Ensured​

Has current and valid Working with Children and Police checks as well as First Aid and CPR qualifications. Adheres to
COVID safe practices.

Designed and Tailored Programs

Our programs are both fun and beneficial in so many ways! Depending on what the participant’s goals, needs and interests are, we commonly combine up to 3 of our programs or we can create a customised one just for you!

Our Umbrella of Services

We offer more than just private tuition. We run events, workshops, holiday programs and offer performance opportunities too! Whether it’s about communicating the participant’s progress, providing snacks or transportation, or links to music resources, we’ve got you covered!

Umbrella’s Story & Vision

Read about the story behind Umbrella School of Music and why Ingrid created this safe space where people of all ages, abilities and disabilities can learn and express themselves
through singing, movement and music!

Why Learn Music with Us?

Music is a whole brain workout! Through music as a medium, many of a person’s goals related to life and other skills (including cognitive, communication, mood regulation and interpersonal skills) can be addressed and developed in a fun and innovative way.
And above all, engaging in music and performing is a huge confidence booster!

Upcoming Events

Auditions on July 28 and August 4

Audition pack and form is currently in development but will be posted soon. In the meantime, please fill in our survey here to express your interest and find out more about the project.

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We Also Accept​

NDIS Funds​

Creative Kids Vouchers​

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