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We manifested and it's FINALLY happening with rehearsals starting this AUGUST!

Our commitment to providing inclusive performing arts opportunities dates back to 2017 when Ingrid Bass, the current Principal Facilitator of Umbrella School of Music, introduced classes for children and adults with disabilities at her previous school, Applause Musical Theatre Academy. The transformative journey of these students, marked by their growth in learning, confidence, and captivating stage performances, was simply priceless.

The joy radiated not only on their faces but also extended to their families and the entire audience, forming a heartwarming spectacle. This beauty expanded further as we witnessed friendships blossom when those with disabilities interacted with students without disabilities, being supported and celebrated by them, fostering an accepting and caring school community.

To explore the origin of Umbrella School of Music, click here.

Fast forward to 2021...

where Ingrid’s daughter, Sophie, found inspiration and personal growth in the innovative and inclusive ‘Stars and the Moon’ theatre group in Melbourne. Through their productions, Sophie not only formed lifelong friendships but also acquired valuable life skills. Witnessing the enchantment of ‘SpongeBob the Musical’ ignited Ingrid’s determination to bring a similar transformative, inclusive theatre experience to the heart of Sydney!

Photo credits to Stars and the Moon Page

Following the winning formula of ‘Stars and the Moon,’ our inclusive musical will pair individuals with and without disabilities, having them buddy up as the same character in the production. Together, they’ll share costumes, lines, solos, and parts, creating a harmonious stage experience that celebrates diversity and a powerful narrative of unity. This production will empower individuals of all abilities and disabilities to shine and share their extraordinary talents and strengths.

Sophie 5

Like to help support us financially so we can bring this project to fruition making it as accessible and affordable as possible?

We are thrilled to announce...

the launch of our pilot workshop on Sunday, June 23, generously backed by funding from the “Willoughby City Council.” This workshop serves as your backstage pass, offering insights into the production’s intricacies, alongside opportunities to participate in singing, dancing, and acting activities from the chosen musical (to be unveiled as soon as Disney grants us the rights).

We are not the only ones who are stoked for this to happen! Our participants are our biggest supporters and the reason why we’re working so hard to turn this into a reality.

Driven by the conviction that…

every voice deserves to be heard, we are setting out on a mission to dismantle barriers and cultivate a profound sense of compassion and togetherness in the community.

Will you join us on this extraordinary adventure, where we champion diversity, foster friendships, and revel in the sheer joy of creating music together?

Express your interest and secure your front-row seat

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