Our Vision

Ingrid has a DREAM…that this world one day will be a much more inclusive, compassionate place where all people are kind to, respectful of and celebrate each other regardless of their differences, abilities and disabilities! 

And to work towards achieving this dream, Ingrid has created this school to engage people of all ages, abilities and disabilities in her lessons, activities, workshops and events. The aim is to foster and develop connections between people through the universal language of music!

Through her music, singing and movement programs (currently offered one-on-one or in small groups), all students can experience the joy and many benefits that partaking in these areas brings. 

With music as the medium, many of a student’s goals related to life and other skills (including cognitive, communication, mood regulation and interpersonal skills) as well as building confidence, can be addressed and developed in a fun and innovative way. 

Ingrid believes that everyone can and should have the opportunity to express themselves creatively through music, and that music can improve their lives by helping them develop important skills, qualities and traits!


Ingrid's Story

Previous to launching Umbrella School of Music, Ingrid started and ran her own school (Applause Musical Theatre Academy) for students of all ages and abilities across 5 venues on the North Shore and Northern Beaches of Sydney. She offered some classes for children and adults with disability and these were a huge success! Her students were given amazing opportunities to perform on a stage at least twice a year where they had their own individual moment in the spotlight to shine for family, friends and the wider audience. 

Sadly though, Ingrid had to shut down her beloved Applause after 7 years and found the following year, 2020, extremely challenging, feeling lost, disappointed and unable to find much work. And of course the Covid Pandemic didn’t help. She had trouble listening to music and singing which was such a big part of her identity and what she loved to do. Needless to say, mourning the loss of her school, with little work and numerous lockdowns, Ingrid found herself severely depressed and lacking purpose. 

Fortunately, she gained work as a support worker for people with disability and the aged, taking pride in caring for them and improving their lives in many aspects including social participation. But she knew that she could help these lovely people more if she could involve them in music, and that it would help her mental well-being too. 

A burning desire and need to have a purpose where she could combine her love of music, her teaching background, psychology knowledge (and lived experience with depression and anxiety) along with her ability to help people from all walks of life, won in the end and she plucked up the courage to launch this wonderful school! And of course, that was what she needed to come back to her true self and purpose, and she’s never been happier!!

Music is the best therapy, remedy and emotional regulator there is but it’s so much more than that… come and join us to discover what music can do for you!

Musically Inclusive

We offer programs for people of all ages, abilities and disabilities.

Highly Skilled & Qualified

Primary School Education and Psychology degrees with years of experience running a music school.

Safety Ensured

Has current and valid Working with Children and Police checks as well as First Aid and CPR training.

Covid Prepared

Adheres to Covid Safe practices and fully vaccinated with 3 jabs.

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